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postheadericon A Hotel On Long Island For Your Bahamas Vacation

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Some research to help you decide whether Stella Maris Resort Club on Long Island in the Bahamas would be the place for your Bahamas Vacation.

Your Hotel on Long Island for your vacation in the Bahamas could be the Stella Maris Resort Club, and there are reasons why it could be just right for you and your partner, or you and your family. It is part of a 2000 acre Estate of 100 or so private residences which are all well spread out forming a very quiet and natural settlement.

Stella Maris Resort Club is a small hotel with just 32 rooms, apartments, cottages, villas and bungalows. They are all attractively designed in Bahamian style, with some of them villas and bungalows very luxurious indeed, and some with their own private pool. They are all close to, or right on the beach scattered throughout a magnificent palm grove. All the rooms have air conditioning, with ocean view patios or balconies, and are equipped with a fridge, coffee maker, ceiling fan, and hair dryer.

There are three hotel pools and seven hidden Atlantic beach coves to explore, and an unspoiled island which is very tranquil, very safe with around thirty villages and towns, hardly touched by modern tourism. There is lots to do and see on Long island, and bicycles to take you throughout the estate, and car hire for the rest. The island itself has beautiful nature walks, lovely views, plantation ruins, Indian caves, and beach after beach after beach of white sand and turquoise water to enjoy. The island is so different from one side to the other that you could spend a whole two weeks cycling and walking and never get bored at all.

The Stella Maris Resort Hotel on Long Island will really give you the perfect Bahamas vacation. Starting with the helpful staff who are just like old family retainers, and they just make you feel so good all the time. The atmosphere created is one of complete security and safety there aren’t even keys for the apartments and houses, and this won’t worry you after the first five minutes, because the whole place has such a good feel to it. If security of valuables worries you, there is a safe at the front desk. There are no TV’s or telephones which is great for the stressed executive!!

One of the really outstanding features of the Stella Maris Resort Club is the personal involvement of the owners. The will be totally visible, whether at mealtimes to check everything is OK to helping planning an activity, whether it be by car or bike. Their level of hospitality rises far above the norm even in supposedly well known top flight resorts. When you consider the owners are retired and it is their very capable families who are now responsible for running the resort, gives you an idea of the commitment.

It therefore will come as no surprise to know that the level of service is uniformly good from all the staff. The food in the restaurant is excellent, and quite international and diverse, with the ‘specials’ changing every night. Dinner is as a set time, the platefuls are enormous, and be warned the drinks are powerful indeed, they certainly don’t skimp in any way at all.

One of the best things about Stella Maris Resort Club is the lack of man made facilities such as pubs, retaurants etc. You can find them, but surely the great joy of Long Island is the unspoilt and beautiful nature of the place. That is what makes the Stella Maris Resort Club the perfect spot for a vacation in the Bahamas. That and the quality of accommodation and service. Go for it.

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Jason Law writes about Bahamas Vacation Spots as well as authoring several articles about Worldwide Vacation Spots and he recommends Caribbean Vacation Spots although The Bahamas is his favourite place on Earth

Article Source: A Hotel On Long Island For Your Bahamas Vacation

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