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postheadericon How To Find A Great Kid Friendly Hotel With Traveling Abroad

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Many resorts advertise themselves as child friendly resorts which means that they come with a full range of services that include baby sitting services, kid friendly menus, entertainment shows, play groups, and lots of activities for the kids based on their age group. If your holiday does not involve being holed up in all inclusive resorts with all kinds of kid friendly amenities within easy reach, here are some things you can look out for in a hotel.

Make sure the hotel is located close to kiddie attractions. Traveling to a favorite theme park can take forever when there are kids in tow.

Before you make reservations, look for services like crib facilities or rollaway beds, (depending on the age of your child), baby sitting services, doctor on call, and coin operated laundry services. If you’re traveling with more than one child, who all have their own unique diet requirements, booking a room in a hotel that offers a full or partial kitchenette with refrigerator is a must for a happy hassle free holiday. Otherwise, you could find yourself dialing room service every time you need pre boiled water, or need to heat up formula. Rooms should be available with a sleeping capacity for at least 6.

A swimming pool is an obvious must, and a wading pool is a definite plus. Check to see if their swimming pool security system and emergency response mechanisms are up to par. Picnic areas on site mean impromptu outings for your family without having to leave the premises. Many hotels offer kids programs and activities. Some will offer kids gifts at check in. The hotel’s website will give you an idea of what you can expect outlined in detail.

In house restaurants should preferably have a kid’s menu to choose from.

If you’re traveling abroad for your holiday, you can expect to come back with kids who’ve been exposed to another culture which is a wonderful thing. To make sure your holiday jaunt is one your kids will always remember, make sure that your hotel includes a few basics that you take for granted in the US, but may not be easily available in a foreign hotel.

Not all hotels in Paris for instance, have a 4 person sleeping capacity in their rooms. Make sure that bakeries, coffee shops and fruits stalls are close to your hotel. If your kids develop a disliking for the local food, you can always get by with fruit and baked goods. The hotel must be in a busy commercial area with plenty of access to transport, shops, amenities etc. You don’t want to compound the stress of being in a foreign place by being stuck in the middle of nowhere. If possible, look into apartment rentals for your holiday – they are perfect for family vacations.

Follow these easy steps and get your holiday off to a great start by being prepared and always ready for anything that comes up when you have one or more children who are traveling with you.

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Article Source: How To Find A Great Kid Friendly Hotel With Traveling Abroad

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