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postheadericon The Life at Montien Riverside Hotel

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Visiting Bangkok? No where to stay and relax? Consider Montien Riverside Bangkok.

Montien Riverside Hotel caters a five-star luxury living and amenities while enjoying the view of the River of Kings. It is a paradise of traditional Thai hospitality mixed with international excellence in the hotel industry. The hotel is perfect for ultimate relaxation and comfort as well as business endeavors like meetings and conferences.

The hotel is situated on the banks of Chao Phraya River or the River of Kings. It is 45 minutes from the Suvarnabhumi airport and linked by expressways. The hotel is also connected to a wide choice of dining and shopping experience, also to different entertainment hubs in the whole of Bangkok. Montien Riverside Hotel offers a wide selection of rooms for accommodation that would fit your budget. They have simple yet functional rooms and up to the most luxurious suites for more lavish relaxation. The rooms offer the great view of the Chao Phraya and the wonderful Bangkok City skyline. From the windows of Montine Riverside Hotel, you can experience the life in Bangkok.

There are rooms specially made for families on vacation who want to experience the ultimate family recreation and relaxation. There are also rooms specially built for couples that suit the required intimacy. Rooms for business endeavors are also available. Extravagant and lavish suites are specially made, on the other hand, for people who want a bit of luxury in their vacations.

A vacation will not be complete without experiencing food. At Montien Riverside Hotel, different cuisines can be experienced through their restaurants and bars. There are of course restaurants that offer Thai cuisine. There are also Chinese and Vietnamese cooking aside from Italian. Their restaurants are open for 24 hours to serve their guests with good food. There are also musical performances of bands to liven up the night. But still the guests are open to explore the city for more sights and sounds. Montien Riverside Hotel also converted one of their rice barges into a mini-cruise ship. It is available for guests for them to cruise the River of Kings. It can also be used in any private charters or special events.

The Montien Riverside Hotel offers an array of recreational activities for both young and old for an ultimate vacation experience. This includes an outdoor swimming pool with sundecks for those who love dipping in the waters and enjoying the sun. The rooms are also equipped with 24-hour satellite channels. The hotel also has a fully equipped gymnasium for sports buff and fitness conscious guests. Included in the gym is an aerobic dance studio. There are also sauna and steam rooms. You can also experience traditional Thai massage, oil massage and other types of massages in their spas. They also have other sports equipment for maximum recreational activities.

The Montien Riverside Hotel is the hotel that you will need when you visit Bangkok. Motien Riverside Hotel will let you experience the ultimate vacation that you will have to experience.

William I. Neil has provided the archives of riverside hotels in Bangkok, Thailand at Montien Riverside Hotel Bangkok

Article Source: The Life at Montien Riverside Hotel

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