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postheadericon The Fitzgerald Hotel Las Vegas – Affordable Comfort

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The Fitzgerald, Las Vegas is the perfect blend of comfort, glamour, and cost. While other hotels and casinos may be impressive in their size and stature, their grandeur can be intimidating, not to mention expensive, to the first time visitor. The Fitzgerald, originally opened under the name Sundance Hotel in 1979, operates under an appropriate “luck of the Irish” theme complete with shamrocks and leprechauns. Known throughout Las Vegas for its loose slot machines, cheap poker tables, and affordable accommodations, this hotel is the perfect way for a person to ease their way into the glitzy gambling scene without spending their life savings in the process.

With over six hundred and thirty rooms stretched onto thirty-four stories, there is plenty of space available even in the busy season of spring and fall. The rooms, while not of the standard of millionaires and movie stars, are comfortable and clean. While not on the scale of the five thousand square foot suites available in many of the famous strip hotels, these rooms are spacious and efficiently organized usually offering a king sized bed, a very nice bathroom, and extended media service through an in-room office space. The average size of the room is six hundred and fifty square feet. Stretching thirty-four stories into the air, the upper ten stories offer fantastic vistas of the Las Vegas night life. Bottom line is that the average room rate is sixty-five dollars per night; far lower than most other hotels in the city.

Another great feature of the Fitzgerald is its central location. Placed on the famous Freemont Street, the hotel is within a five minute walk of the brightly lit road known as “the Strip”, and the airport is less than a twenty minute drive. Therefore, and guest can experience all the amenities of the more expensive, more glamorous hotels and casinos, without the cost associated with a stay at these locations.

The most talked about section of the hotel is the large and spacious casino floor. According to a popular slots magazine, the Fitzgerald hotel Las Vegas is rated number one in Reel slots, Progressive slots, and Penny slots. This fact only reinforces that fact that this casino is both popular and cheap. At forty-two thousand square feet it is also one of the largest casino floors in Las Vegas. Other than the popular slot machines that line the floor, there are also thirty-two table games offered ranging from blackjack to roulette to craps. Poker is also offered in special and private, smoke free gaming room on the second floor of the casino.

Free training classes are available every morning that are led by experienced Fitzgerald dealers. Many visitors boast how easy it is to learn the basics from these classes. A great way to experience Las Vegas is to begin with the lesser expensive games from the Fitzgerald, and then, when you feel comfortable, to move onto the higher buy in tables at the more expensive casinos.

Many tourists are intimidated by the bright lights and high rollers of Las Vegas. However, the Fitzgerald offers a more affordable and less intimidating atmosphere while still having the comforts and amenities of the larger hotels and casinos.

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