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There are many British companies who specialize in corporate serviced apartments for travelling businesspeople. Various lengths of stay are available, as are different types of accommodation. Individuals as well as big groups can be catered for. The best-rated service providers known to Apartment Guides UK are those who have simplified the booking process, which saves customers stress, time, and money. Thus, customers can feel that a weight has been lifted from their shoulders, and they can get on with their priority - business.

The best service apartments are located in the more business-oriented parts of central London: Bayswater & Paddington, Canary Wharf & Docklands, City & Tower Bridge, Kensington & Earls Court, Knightsbridge & Chelsea, Victoria & Westminster, and West End & Oxford Street. Apartment Guides UK believes that these locations are very attractive to the business traveller.

Apartment Guides UK believes that a good service apartment company will have a well-qualified team whose comprehensive knowledge of the field and buying power allows them to fulfil even the most challenging brief. Customers should have the guarantee that they will be given the most appropriate apartment for their needs.

As far as Apartment Guides UK is aware, most of these companies can be contacted offline on toll-free numbers between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, or online via their websites. Enquiry forms can usually be found on the websites and are straightforward enough - you choose from options vis a vis the type of enquiry you are making, and then enter pertinent information about yourself, your budget, the times of your stay, and so on. You will then receive a prompt reply with an appropriate suggestion. Apartment Guides UK approves of this kind of convenient service.

If you require well-organised travel to and from the service apartment, Apartment Guides UK is pleased to report that many service apartment companies can arrange that also. Their online services can book you flights around the continent, as well as cut-price flights from the main cities they deal with: London, Cardiff, Bristol, Southampton, Birmingham, Norwich, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds/Bradford, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, and Dublin. When you sign up, you will also receive regular communications to make you aware of promotional offers and cash-saving options.

Apartment Guides UK believes the major benefits of arranging travel with your service apartment provider are: one single point of contact, personal, tailored service, unbiased advice, discounted fares, MI/Travel Reports, no commitment ticket holding, amiable and efficient staff, and free delivery of relevant documents.

Many companies also offer expert advice on expense management. Benefits of using their service include: same-day proposals available at their 'express desk,' best rates, free service with no hidden charges, and free contract reading, so you can be confident in all your business dealings. Aside from this, Apartment Guides UK is aware that companies usually have other divisions aside from service apartment management, offering related services such as event management, holiday booking, and venue hire. Websites often have a handy finder tool that will allow you to find the right venue speedily and conveniently, whether you are looking to book a conference, annual general meeting, exhibition, convention, PR event, product launch, or party.

It takes a certain type of person to work in the apartment service industry, so Apartment Guides UK believes, someone who is conscientious, loyal, and talented. In this sector, people are the business, so charisma and certain social skills are essential along with a gift for presentation and organisation. Service apartment companies are devoted to developing the careers of their employees, teaching them new skills such as flexibility, long-term planning, and dealing with new and complex challenges. They offer genuine opportunities to people that are much sought after in an industry sector that can be so dauntingly vast and varied. Those employed in the service apartment area tend to want to work productively as part of a team and be appreciated for their contribution to overall corporate success.

Apartment Guides UK is aware that any bona fide company running service apartments should be active members of the Hotel Booking Agents Association (HBAA), the industry specialists for hotel and conference bookings. Members of the HBAA are duty bound to adhere to a strict code of conduct to guarantee the highest possible standards of service and customer satisfaction.

The kind of organisations that use service apartments range from companies to political parties to local councils, universities, dance groups, and recruitment agencies. Apartment Guides UK believes that while there are public and business organisations, there will always be a service apartment industry to cater for their often very specific and complicated needs. The market is fast moving, dynamic, and ever changing, throwing up new challenges and concepts every day. Moreover, Apartment Guides UK concludes that the service apartment industry is healthier and more lucrative than it has ever been.

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Article Source: Hotel Apartment Guides UK

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