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postheadericon A Really Stylish Barbados Luxury Hotel

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A really stylish romantic getaway on the West Coast of Barbados away from the crowds, and perfect for a Barbados Honeymoon.

Imagine a Barbados Luxury Hotel perfect for a Barbados Honeymoon or a romantic getaway, on the west coast, yet quiet and peaceful, apparently far away from the jet skis, the glamorous yachts, and the throngs of pleasure seeking holidaymakers, and worst of all the beach hawkers. Little Good Harbour is such a place, and it gives you a chance to see what the local way of life is like on Barbados, and at the same time what it gives you is what you need, and that is a quiet place for relaxation and yet luxurious.

Go to Little Good Harbour, and stay in one of the very tastefully decorated one bedroom garden cottages right beside the lovely swimming pool, and the historical Fort Rupert.

What you will get is a downstairs with a verandah, a very comfortable lounge, a fitted kitchen, and conveniences like a CD Player. A kitchen may not be what you want if this is where you have chosen to spend your Barbados Honeymoon, but imagine buying an absolutely straight from the water fish from the local market in the romantic fishing village of Sherman’s, only a couple of steps away, and impressing your new spouse with your cooking skills on one evening. This could really be very romantic. Mind you there is no real need to do that with the absolutely top class restaurant only across the road called The Fish Pot which serves food that even Michael Winner approves of!! It is no surprise to find that the Fish Pot is rated by many as the best restaurant on Barbados, and to be able to sit and hear the sound of the waves makes a perfect end to a day especially if this is your choice for a Barbados Honeymoon

Upstairs in your cottage you’ll find an Emperor sized four poster bed, and an en-suite bathroom. Upstairs also has the balcony with the view, absolutely ideal for coffee in the dressing gown before facing yet another day in paradise. This is just perfect for a romantic getaway, with only 21 rooms in this all suite hotel. It is significant that the numbers of guests who return to this little corner of paradise is very large indeed.

The little things make a whole lot of difference. A few miles down the coast your sojourn on the beach would be disturbed by the roar of jet skis, and the persistence of the hawkers, whereas here at Little Good harbour it is just the occasional noise of the passing car that will disturb your reverie. There are lovely comfortable gazebos to relax in, and the pool is just an oasis of calm and tranquillity.

All in all Little Good Harbour is still a well kept secret, and is without a doubt at all a place with fantastic accommodation set in lush and lovely gardens. It has a very laid back luxurious feel to it, and would be a good choice as a Barbados Luxury Hotel for a couple celebrating an anniversary, or better still a romantic getaway Barbados Honeymoon.

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Andrew Watkins is the owner of Barbados Vacation Spots as well as being a contributor on occasions to Worldwide Vacation Spots and he thinks it would be worth your while to check out Caribbean Vacation Spots especially any information you can find about Barbados which is the destination he likes the best.

Article Source: A Really Stylish Barbados Luxury Hotel

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