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postheadericon What The Hotel Cleaners Don't Do

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It is easy to assume that hotel cleaners will do more or less the same things one would expect of a cleaner who comes to visit your own home. And yet the reality is that hotel cleaners are guided by strict regulations which actually prevent them from doing some things which could cause inconvenience. For example, cleaners are expected to make your bed. However, if you leave a number of items on your bed, this can prove very difficult, as they are not really supposed to touch or move your own items. They may remove one or two items to make your bed, but if there are too many, they will simply be unable to do it, and have to either roughly tidy your bed up or leave it entirely. Similarly, if you leave a number of items around your bed, again they will be unable to move them, and will have to try to step over them, and this can cause inconvenience and prevent them from being able to make the bed effectively.

Assuming that you have not left items lying around the bed, or on top of it, they will make the bed fully. This involves shaking sheets and blankets. If you have left small, delicate and possibly light objects, including bits of paper on your bedside cabinet, it is perfectly possible that whilst making the bed, these could get blown or knocked, often dropping down the back of the bedside cabinet. It is always worth checking down here if you have either lost an item, or if you are simply packing your items at the end of your holiday, as it is frequently a place where left items are collected after guests have left the room.

In the bathroom, the cleaners are expected to clean and spray the whole of the wash basin and shelves. If you have left your own personal cosmetics and bottles scattered liberally across this area, the cleaners again will be unable to move or touch these and will have to spray or clean around them. This can either prevent them from either doing a very good job, or from doing very much at all. At best, your basin will look almost worse than before with half of it clean and half showing just how dirty it is.

Bearing in mind that the cleaners do use anti bacterial sprays, it is worth remembering not to leave your toothbrushes too near the basin as the spray will almost certainly get on to the bristles. Leave items such as these well away from the basin, or preferably zipped up in a wash bag.

At the end of the day there are these one or two points to bear in mind, but generally it is down to basic tidiness and courtesy for you to ensure that your items are kept neat and organized and don't obstruct the cleaning of areas in your room which will need such attention. By helping to ensure that you do not inconvenience or obstruct the cleaners, you will not only have, in return, a room which is cleaner and more hygienic, but you will also help to win the cleaners over to your side, which can only help to ensure that you get the best service in future. A disgruntled cleaner is not really someone you want to be dealing with your room each day.

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Article Source: What The Hotel Cleaners Don't Do

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