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If you are planning a trip to New York city and you are heavily limited on your budget, rest assured that you can still have a meaningful trip. The only thing is you will need to sacrifice on some of the luxuries and save on other expenses such as food and souvenirs. One thing you can do to minimize expenses is to stay in a cheap New York hotel.

Cheap does not necessarily mean a bad thing especially when we are talking about a New York hotel. You will just have to be extra careful because some establishments abuse the word cheap and they would offer horrendous services. A stay in a New York hotel need not be expensive and while you may want to spend a little on it, you can still get at least the basic accommodations and necessities anybody would expect.

Here are a few things that you should expect should you decide to stay in a cheap New York hotel room.

1. No Internet access.

This may not be very important especially if you are not on a business trip. After all, you are there to see the city and not to surf the Internet in your New York hotel room. And if there is no Internet connection, you may also not expect a computer. You can just bring your laptop with you and surf the net in a coffee shop. There are plenty of coffee shops and other establishments that offer free Internet connection.

2. No cable TV.

You have plenty of time to watch your favorite shows on cable television back at home. This is also a good thing because there will be less distractions and your attention will be focused more on planning your itinerary for the rest of your stay.

3. There is only one complimentary meal.

An inexpensive New York hotel will offer just one complimentary meal or none at all and it is usually breakfast. Go try it during your first day at the hotel but if you find that the food is of such low quality, then you can just go out and eat. New York City has so many restaurants and offer the best in every form of dining.

4. No telephone

Although this may come as a standard equipment in a hotel room, some hotels will not include a phone to help cut off the expenses. No worries there. You can just bring your cellphone with you or you can always call at the reception.

5. Size does matter

If you are paying less, then you should not expect to get a suite. A standard room may just be the right size for two people or even just one. Don't expect to find a king size bed, a walk in closet or even a full size bath tub.

These are just some of the things that you should be aware of if you are staying in a cheap New York hotel. Another thing worth mentioning is that the farther away from the center of the city the hotel is, the cheaper the price of the room goes down. Keep these things in mind and may you have a pleasant trip.

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