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Italy is famed for its wonderful cuisine, delicious wines and sultry atmosphere. The breathtaking landscapes make a perfect backdrop for romance and many people choose to visit the snowy ski resorts, beautiful lakes, sunny beaches and historical towns for a long holiday or a short break. One of the more unique places to visit in Italy is Venice. With waterways instead of highways, it can be quite a culture shock visiting this unusual province; if you are looking for a Hotel in Venice, we are here to help you find the perfect time to visit this aqua paradise.

The cultural activities in Venice cover every aspect of the arts you can imagine. Art galleries and museums mix with opera houses and theatre, and the annual Venice Carnival attracts visitors from all around the world every year. It has been classed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world thanks to the fabulous setting. It stretches across a string of eighteen islands which sit in a lagoon and look out onto the Adriatic Sea.

This beautiful city is slowly sinking and is often prone to flooding, especially during heavy rain which can reach as much as three inches even in August. When the flooding is imminent, a siren rings out to warn everyone to don their wellies. This doesn't bother the population of about sixty two thousand, or those who are visiting. If you are looking for a hotel in Venice, you might prefer to visit when the temperatures reach an average high of around 27 degrees in the summer months, although the mild winters draw many visitors too.

The Gondolas that Venice is famous for are reserved mostly for tourists and ceremonial occasions such as weddings and funerals; the locals prefer to use the high speed water busses as they are a more efficient way to travel. Gondolas are available all year round, but are a much more pleasurable experience in the summer, especially with the obligatory Cornetto in hand!

For art lovers, the best time to book a hotel in Venice is during the Venice Art Biennial. The province has been famed for its artistic background since the 14th century when the fashion inclinations of the young
males became popular and started trends across Europe. Venice was also the first European country to embrace printing, and with the addition of a music scene that was second to none, soon gained a reputation for attracting bohemians and artisans.

The Venice Carnival was the originator of all carnivals, with the word literally meaning 'goodbye meat'; it has always been a celebration to feast as much as possible before the beginning of lent. The carnival is famed for masked revellers; the idea that everyone is incognito means that no one is aware of each other's social status, and for the carnival period the social hierarchy can be forgotten. To encounter this exceptional spectacular you will need to book a hotel in Venice for the beginning of February, but do check dates as it varies year to year.

There is also a year-round ballet, chamber music and opera scene in Venice, and thanks to the fame of former residents such as Vivaldi, Wagner and Britten it is no wonder that people the world over want to stay in a hotel in Venice to indulge in the cultural atmosphere. If you are hoping to holiday on a budget, then you might find winter a better time to visit as there are many more free performances available to the tourist. However, for those wishing to experience the Venetian culture fully, we recommend that you take every opportunity to visit during each season and soak up the special events of the moment.

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