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It is important during this stressful time that you be very careful how you approach any potential employer. While getting a job at a hotel might not seem that difficult, they are a service orientated business and as such are looking for the best employees possible that can handle the stresses and concerns that guests place upon them quickly, professionally and above all else with a smile on their face. With this in mind, a hotel is looking for a few specific types of employees when they are out to hire new staff.

Always be sure that you are putting your best impression forward when you go to apply for a job. Never show up to ask for an application looking like something that was dragged in off the streets. Additionally, never walk in looking desperate, or unhappy with the world. This is the very first impression that you will give of your attitude and work ethic. Regardless of what you might think, managers do watch how people act and present themselves even when doing something as simple as asking for an application. If you are not careful how you act during this time, you could ruin your chances of being hired before you ever complete your application.

When you return your application, again you need to ensure you are pulled together, professional looking and have a big, natural looking smile on your face. If you are looking haggard, or like you are just too bored to be there to turn the application in you probably will never receive a call back. With the amount of surveillance that a business can do, it is not surprising that managers watch potential applicants before ever talking to them face to face to see how they behave when they believe that someone is not watching.

Take some time to carefully complete the application. One of the biggest pitfalls that applicants encounter is they do not carefully read the application before starting to fill it out. As a result, the answers and information that you give might sound foolish because they do not fit the information that is being requested. In order to show that you do pay attention to details you need your application to be correctly filled out. Most employers do not look favorably upon an application from someone who is not able to fill out the application properly.

You should also spend a bit of time preparing yourself for an unexpected interview. You never know exactly when you will be able to get an interview. It might be while you are turning your application in, or it could be days later. Being prepared at the time when you submit the application will ensure that you breeze through it without many if any embarrassing moments.

A poorly planned interview can go badly, especially those that are unexpected. Employers love these impromptu interviews because of this, however if you are prepared you can survive and even pull in a job offer because you are prepared and pulled together even for the unexpected interview.

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