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postheadericon St Lucia Vacation Package To A Great Budget Boutique Hotel

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Don’t be put off by the description of a budget hotel, this hotel in Rodney Bay Village will give you great value for money.

A Boutique Hotel at Budget prices in St Lucia at Rodney Bay Village doesn’t seem to be a realistic proposition, but the four star award winning Coco Palm Hotel manages to accomplish that, and even a bit more.

Coco Palm has 72 rooms and suites, and is rated in the top three hotels in Gros Islet in St Lucia, winning the Budget Travel Award ‘Best Values 2008’ covering the Caribbean. Here is where the slight confusion may arise, because everyone has an opinion about a budget hotel and it isn’t normally a very good one, but Coco Palm breaks the mould.

The hotel grade is four star, but with a difference. There is no formal reception desk and concierge. All you will see are smiling staff who await your pleasure in the hotel lobby. There are lots of them, and you will be asked all the time if you need anything at all to improve things for you. This is great to experience.

Guests comments are always very revealing, and when you hear words like ‘Perfect and Relaxing’, or even as strong as ‘Out of this World’, then your interest has to pick up. Add to this a comment like ‘Great experience in a lovely hotel’, and ‘Great experience lovely vacation in a great location’, that you have to really sit up and take notice, that Coco Palm may indeed be a budget hotel, but it also sounds like a good quality boutique hotel. One happy customer even compared the quality of personal service to one of the top hotels in the Caribbean, which is a rare compliment indeed.

You will find the staff at the Coco Palm Hotel go out of their way for you, and they really create a great atmosphere because of this. The property itself with the bright reddish roofs and yellow front has a North European feel to it, yet it is still very Caribbean. One of the great things about this place for a holiday in St Lucia, is that it is relatively small, therefore not at all impersonal.

Rooms are large, bathrooms have rain showers, and the pool is huge, with no problems getting sunbeds, and that in itself helps to make your holiday perfect for relaxing, with no need to rise at 4am to get a place round the pool.

Although not on the beach the location of the Coco Palm is handy for groceries, , a wine shop and a number of restaurants are within a few minutes walking time. Try the Red Snapper and Dolphins, they are well worth a visit. If you like ice cream then there is an ice cream shop nearby as well.

Meals in the hotel are taken at the Ti Banana Restaurant and Bar, with well priced satisfying meals. The individually priced breakfast menu is particularly good, with a low cost cold breakfast, but if you want the hot buffet the price goes up, and then you can choose more dishes and the price goes up again. This is a lot better than many other places where breakfast is all the same, and usually expensive price, even if you aren’t particularly hungry you still pay the same price.

If you remember this is a budget boutique hotel, then you will have a great St Lucia vacation Package, and be continually and happily surprised how good Coco Palm is, and what exceptional staff work there.

Kelly Wilson runs St Lucia Vacation Spots as well as being a contributor on occasions to Worldwide Vacation Spots and he thinks it would be worth your while to check out Caribbean Vacation Spots especially any information you can find about St Lucia, the best of the Caribbean Islands

Article Source: St Lucia Vacation Package To A Great Budget Boutique Hotel

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