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In an environmentally conscious world, filled with pleasure seekers and international travelers, there is a seemingly significant absence of eco-friendly hotels. That is to say, if you don't want to room in a hut while on vacation, there are limited environmentally friendly choices when choosing where to stay.

Fresh new hotel chains are now getting some attention, since they offer the eco-savvy traveler a place to kick off their Birkenstocks, as well as a place to take pleasure in the modern amenities of the 21st Century.

For example, chains like Oriens Travel and Hotel Management Corp. give peace of mind to travelers who pay attention to preserving the environment, especially in the fertile jungles and environs of developing countries like Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua where eco-friendly hotels are primarily located.

Eco-friendly hotels make energy conservation and waste disposal core concerns. In simple terms, these hotels want to impact the environment and protect the surrounding ecosystems for future generations of the local inhabitants and the eco-savvy traveler.

These new brand of eco-friendly branded hotels provide clean, upscale styles to the traveler looking for economic accommodations. Guests can enjoy crisp clean interiors and world-class service at a fraction of the cost of three and four star hotels.

Rooms can come complete with all-white bed sheets to all-white linens. Some sport white porcelain tiles with subtle shades of grays. Free flowing window drapes and contemporary furniture complete the white, South Beach Miami concept.

Some lodging accommodations of these new hotel chains are 3.5 star hotels with warm and cozy interiors. Rich colors and textured woods make these hotels the perfect place to relax and get away from the world. Some are designed with elegant Mediterranean-style architecture, modeled after the traditional Spanish paradores and quaint European boutique hotels, makes these resorts unique in selected regions.

These hotel locations offer all the expected amenities of a four-plus star resort, coupled with European refinement and a warm tropical touch.
Some of the eco-friendly hotels even have resorts bed and breakfast style locations that place an emphasis on cleanliness, tidiness, exceptional services, and most important of all, affordable pricing, aimed at drawing in the eco-tourism market.

These properties are a wonderful experience for someone looking for a quiet retreat, warm intimate services and a relaxed atmosphere. Their bed and breakfast style accommodations offer travelers a less corporate atmosphere. Each location may have no more than 25 rooms, giving guests the opportunity to embrace pure tranquility. Services can still be very impressive, some featuring complimentary breakfasts, Internet access and phone service.

These eco-friendly hotel chains offer a wide range of hotel and resort options to the eco-savvy traveler. Whether you are looking for that bed and breakfast to enjoy with your special someone, or just for an eco-friendly place to take your family, these fresh new hotel chains are now getting some attention, since they can offer the eco-savvy traveler comfortable and eco-safe lodging.

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