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As a person who guides or directs others in the hotel management field, it is important to understand what leadership requires and what some of the different styles of leadership are. If you can understand what kind of leadership style you have, it will become easier to take on the role of leader and change your style based on the needs of your employees.

Effective leaders look at the office environment and listen to their employees in order to ensure that the end result, the customer, is satisfied. Employees are watching those who are put in charge of them, so here are some tips to help you as a hotel manager to show impeccable character and earn the trust and respect of your employees - by giving it back.

Leadership Tips for Hotel Managers #1.

Saying "No", Hostility Free. This is a true talent. Neutralizing hostility when denying the request of an employee is a necessity to keep order in the work environment. The key to reducing hostility in this situation is to show concern and be sincere as you explain in detail the reason for the denial. Your employees will respect you for being honest and for showing concern.

Leadership Tips for Hotel Managers #2:

Leadership is About Relationships - But Not the Dating Kind. Build relationships with your employees that show care and concern about their employee relationship with you, but do not date in the office. Interoffice dating is unprofessional and has been proven to only cause problems sooner than later.

Leadership Tips for Hotel Managers #3:

Consistency and Fairness. Treating your employees fairly and consistently will give you respect and will build your character as a fair and equitable leader.

Leadership Tips for Hotel Managers #4:

Show Camaraderie, Don't Become "Buddies" With Your Employees. Sharing your thoughts and providing feedback to your employees is an excellent way to open up and show camaraderie. It is important not to become "buddies" with your employees because it could give the false impression of favoritism and tarnish your credibility.

Leadership Tips for Hotel Managers #5:

Acknowledge and Take Care of Complaints. When employees complain, their issues are very important to them. They do not know that to your world of bigger issues, their issues are not so big. Make your employees feel important by handling their complaints in a timely manner.

Leadership Tips for Hotel Managers #6:

Make Commitments That You Can Keep. Making commitments to employees in the form of promises can make or break your employee respect of you. Do not make commitments without allowing yourself the fail-safe of explaining that unforeseen circumstances may occur that are out of your control. Respect and confidence in your leadership is very important and can change abruptly when commitments are broken.

Leadership Tips for Hotel Managers #7:

Never Stop Learning. Continue to be a part of trainings, life enrichment courses, seminars and workshops on building your leadership qualities. The more you learn, the more you will grow as a leader, and your employees will admire you for continuing your education.

Leadership Tips for Hotel Managers #8:

Hire Experts to Motivate Your Employees. Your employee morale is important and their attitudes carry over to the attitudes of the customers that you serve. Enrich your employees by sending in experts to motivate them to produce. This will super-charge your work team's efforts and give you more respect because it shows that your employee's motivation is important to you.

Leadership Tips for Hotel Managers #9:

Provide Opportunities for Training and Growth. Employees want to advance and take on more responsibility. Providing training for your employees will allow them to take on more complicated tasks and have a sense of fulfillment.

Leadership Tips for Hotel Managers #10:

Lead with a Varying Style. If you have a diverse team of employees who have different needs, it is important to vary your style of leadership for your particular group. If your team is consistent in their needs, then it is okay to adopt one leadership style but only if it meets the needs of your team effectively.

Make sure that all the leadership tools you are using will be beneficial to not only yourself but also to your employees, this in turn will make your business successful.

Nick Nikolis is living and working in Rhodes Greece and writing about Self help, Business, Hospitality Industry and destinations. Check here Greece Villas and Greece Apartments.

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