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postheadericon Mend A Broken Heart With Luxury Hotel Breaks

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Going away for a weekend is associated with romance, love, and the comfortable company of two, but for those who are suffering from a broken heart, luxury hotel breaks could be just the ticket to cheering up. This article takes a look at some popular destinations for singles who want to take some 'me' time out, or want to sling themselves into a vibrant night life to re-find themselves.

Ultimately, unless you are part of a couple, taking a luxury hotel break is seen as self indulgent, but self indulgence is what luxury is all about. Whether you want to be pampered amidst the baroque surroundings of a seventeenth century chateau or would prefer to wake up to the sound of the surf of a Caribbean island, treating yourself to a holiday is guaranteed to lift the spirits.

Paris is known for luxury and a great night life. As far as luxury hotel breaks in France go, it doesn't get much more luxurious than the Parisian way. Take a visit to the Eiffel Tower, marvel at the Arc de Triomphe or take a leisurely boat ride down the River Seine. In the evening, one of the most popular past times is a visit to the Moulin Rouge, although it is one of the more expensive tourist options, it offers the visitor a taste of the original can can routine that could be experienced in this bohemian French city.

Another popular destination that offers something a little quieter, is the East Anglian countryside. There is a variety of country houses and mansions in idyllic settings that are perfect for recouping after an emotional time. These luxury hotel breaks often offer a weekend full of pampering, the ultimate in self indulgence. Sea salt spas, aromatherapy massages and mud wraps combine with Indian head massage and shiatsu for a package that is guaranteed to perk even the saddest person up. There is nothing quite like a bit of attention and a good night's sleep to restore inner balance and create a sense of harmony.

Finally, the ultimate luxury beach break to mend a broken heart has to be on the south coast of France. The French Riviera offers sun and fine food and a fabulous mix of rustic boutiques and five star hotels that attract the rich and famous. Enjoying a slice of the high life at a pace that suits you is the perfect way to pick up the pieces after a failed romance, and may well net you a new one while you are there!

Dom Donaldson is a holiday expert. Find out more about Luxury Hotel Breaks and the offers available within the UK at Barnham Broom.

Article Source: Mend A Broken Heart With Luxury Hotel Breaks

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