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postheadericon Enjoying Country Holidays As Provided By A Tuscany Hotel

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Searching for a holiday which takes you away from crowded beaches and busy tourist destinations, looking for something which will combine elements of relaxation with a taste of culture and countryside. Many people get swept away with the tide of package holidays, visiting places which are well known and catering for the majority; however there are so many destinations which are frequently overlooked and very much under estimated.

An example of this would be the Tuscany region, Tuscany whilst being a famous wine region in Italy is commonly overlooked as a holiday destination, many people not being aware of the hidden treasures which it holds.

Tuscany is a maze of agricultural land separated by rolling hills and medieval villages, the landscape portraying a horizon of olive groves, vineyards, orchards and sunflower fields with the odd secular oak to break the eye line.

Hidden within this landscape are many country hotels, offering everyone who visits a warm, friendly Tuscan welcome, many Tuscan hotels are closely linked with farming, being converted farmhouses or oil mills, often they will use their own produce in the kitchens to create culinary delights.

Booking a holiday at a Tuscany hotel can offer more activities than perhaps your typical beach hotel, activities may include horse riding in the countryside, wine tasting (usually sampling wine which has been at the hotel) cooking courses (again preparing food using fresh produce from the surrounding farming land) golf and swimming. Depending on where you book your Tuscany hotel may also provide spa facilities for relaxation time.

Due to its location Tuscany also provides many opportunities for days out, not too far from all the major art cities such as Siena, Pisa and Florence, sampling the countries culture is never hard to do, and for those who still enjoy the beach a day can easily be spent enjoying one of the many coastal locations.

You may think that a holiday to a Tuscany hotel wont occupy the kids, however most hotels are very family orientated, allowing children to help with harvesting crops and participating in other activities around the farm, children will be allowed to use the pool and tennis facilities, go horse riding and with so much open space and freedom a country hotel can provide the same levels of entertainment as a beach holiday. Many hotels can provide a babysitting service should it be required.

As popularity of the region grows so too does its reputation for being a location which is incredibly idyllic and for this reason booking a wedding reception at a Tuscany hotel is following the same trend in popularity. Many Tuscany hotels are now providing wedding reception packages which include accommodation, catering, decoration of the venue as well as arranging live music to entertain your guests, and providing you with a wedding reception to remember.

A holiday to the Tuscany region will provide you with all of the best experiences great food, fine wine, friendly people, the great outdoors, scenery, sunshine and relaxation.

Anna Stenning researches alternative holidays, swapping popular tourist destinations for fine food and scenery as provided by a holiday to a Tuscany Hotel or an Italian country location.

Article Source: Enjoying Country Holidays As Provided By A Tuscany Hotel

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