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Honeymooners, holidaymakers and family holidays are often very difficult to organise in advance due to people changing their minds at the last minute or circumstances changing beyond your control. However, it is always the cheapest option to book in advance and is always great to look forward to when the time comes near. The best part of any holiday is the accommodation, it is always nice to be catered for and not have to worry about getting the rest that you need.

Booking a luxury hotel can be an expensive process, but it is worth every penny if you have booked it in advance and are looking for a relaxing holiday. During my time as a student in university, it was natural for big groups of friends to plan a holiday together. However, this can be difficult for some as the majority of the student world is not always at a financial advantage. Therefore, many opt to book a cheap hostel with shared bathroom and lodging.

The prospect of a staying in a cheap hostel is never a pleasant option, especially if you are sharing with people you do not know. They are not necessarily the safest and let's face it the service is appalling. Booking a luxury hotel usually incurs hidden charges, but the service does not compare. Many of these hotels are equipped with excellent security systems and front of desk reception. The rooms are in mint condition with service every mornings and afternoons, and the option of breakfast included is something that you will not need to dread.

Unlike cheap hostels though, luxury hotels tend to charge extra for dining, restaurant service and bar service. Those who choose to eat from the hotel bar will be charged an extortionate amount even if it is a small packet of peanuts you fancy nibbling on! Hostels tend not to offer extra services such as a bar or restaurant entertainment. Some hostels offer the freedom to come in and out of the building at any time and hour, though some also have curfew times.

Hostels are good for students and young people if they are not interested or fussed about their accommodation, and are looking to spend most of their holiday exploring, partying or bar hopping! A luxury hotel allows guests to stay in and enjoy some of their services such as an in-house spa, swimming pool, gym, television entertainment or sample the exquisite cuisines. There are also advantages of a creche within the hotel or a separate kid's activity area.

Hostels are not directed towards people who are looking to have a holiday with their family and their young children. Their advantages lie towards providing a shelter for young people looking to enjoy a short break away without the worry of staying in one place for a long period and making it as affordable as possible. Hotels are good for people looking to spend time both indoors and out, therefore a good service is imperative. However, booking a luxury hotel maybe expensive in certain areas, these days hotels paid for in a bundle with your holiday package.

Anna Stenning loves to go on holiday and prefers to stay in a luxury hotel rather than a cheap hostel. If you going on holiday soon and would like information on hotels visit

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