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postheadericon How Soon After My Flight Lands Should I Call My Taxi?

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When flying into a major city like Chicago, you would be surprised how quickly a cab can get to the airport in order to pick you up. A lot of people, especially if they're not used to the major metro centers, aren't sure how much time they have to allow for a car to come to the airport and pick them up. The truth is, if you're just going to avail yourself of the regular Chicago taxi service, then you won't need much time at all for the taxi to come and get you. Most companies would recommend that, if you want to call for a cab from the airport, you shouldn't need to allow for more than five minutes for the car to get there to pick you up. This is because there is no other location in a major city that cabs travel to as frequently as the major airport that serves the area. And, O'Hare in Chicago is certainly no exception. If you make your call immediately after you get your baggage, you should have just enough time to exit the terminal and make your way to the cab stand in order to meet your car.

However, the Chicago taxi service also services the airport throughout the entire day. You are likely to have no problem simply walking out to the curb outside of your terminal and flagging down a car. At almost every hour of the day, the street level entrance to the terminals at this major airport is filled with cabs. The reason for this is that, often, an empty taxi will simply be sent to return to the airport because of the number of passengers constantly arriving and needing rides to various points throughout the city.

The only time you might want to allow more time for your car to come pick you up is if you decide to order a limo or a private car service instead of a regular taxi cab. There is nothing wrong with ordering a fancier private car or a limo. In fact, many businessmen traveling to the city prefer this method of transportation. However, if you are doing so, you must realize that there are quite a lot fewer cars of this description. Because of this, it can be more expedient to book your ride in advance. Calling before your departure and letting them know your name and arrival time is the best way to ensure that a car is there to meet you upon your arrival.

Scott Gallagher is an International Consultant for Chicago taxi service companies. With exceptional knowledge of the Hodgkins taxi service industry, Scott is also becoming an expert with targeted email marketing.

Article Source: How Soon After My Flight Lands Should I Call My Taxi?

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