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Vancouver International Airport in Canada, also known as YVR, is the second largest airport in the North America's west coast. Situated about 15 kilometers from Vancouver, on Sea Island, in Richmond, in British Columbia, Vancouver International Airport is the shortest as well as fastest route to many of the major cities in Asia.

For instance, Vancouver is just about 1250 kilometers away from such Asian destinations as Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore. As a result, the YVR serves as a foremost getaway between North America and Asia. The airport also operates non stop flights to several destinations in Europe as well as Mexico, apart from a large number of destinations in the US, Caribbean, and Canada. The airport consists of three terminals, such as, Domestic Terminal, the International Terminal, and the South Terminal.

The Domestic and International terminals are connected each other via an enclosed corridor. However, the South Terminal is a separate facility, and is primarily used to serve as a regional hub for helicopters, corporate charters, float planes, and small aircrafts.

In other words, the South Terminal mainly operates flights to places within British Columbia. Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, Air Canada Tango, Canadian Western Airlines, Northwest International Airways, Western Express Airlines, and Zoom Airlines are some of the airlines operated by the Domestic Terminal. Among the airlines served by the International Terminal are Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Oasis Hong Kong International, Northwest Airlines, Aloha Airlines, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines, and United Airlines. The airlines served by the South Terminal include Canadian Western Airlines, Hawk Air, KD Air, Seaair Airplanes, and West Coast Air.

Managed as well as operated by the Airport Authority (AA) - a not for profit, community based organization, since 1992, the Vancouver International Airport is among the top ten international airports in the world, and in 2007, it won the won the Skytrax 'Best North American Airport' award. It is estimated that the airport serves about 18 million passengers per year. The airport is also a major getaway to international trade and commerce.

Beyond arrival, departure, and three terminals serving an array of airlines from across the world, the Vancouver International Airport in Canada provides a diverse range of most sophisticated facilities as well as attractions for passengers. For instance, if you are at the airport and want to communicate with your friends, relatives, or business colleagues, then take advantage of leading edge communication facilities available at the airport.

There are about 500 voice payphones, spread across different sections of the International and Domestic terminals. The airport also provides a number of eMillennium payphones coupled with high speed internet access. Apart from these, wireless internet access is also available at the airport. Likewise, if you are a busy traveler or a passenger whose flight time is delay, then the airport offers superb options to relax and rest. The hotel at the airport is attached with accommodation choices replete with high end comforts. Further, a host of facilities are available at the hotel, such as, business center, executive meeting room, luxury day spa, and fully equipped health club.

Further, excellent facilities are available for passengers touring with children. A plenty of play areas can be found throughout the airport, which in turn allows kids to enjoy and unwind. Since these play areas are close to security checkpoints, you needn't have to worry regarding the safety and security of your children.

For travelers, who are required to stay at the airport for long hours, one of the best ways to avoid boredom is to take a walk around the airport and enjoy its incredible interior designs. There is an art foundation within the airport, which is a dramatic as well as colorful depiction of the natural scenery and native wildlife of the country. Fine examples of Northwest Coast Aboriginal Art can also be found here in the form of totem poles and wooden sculptures.

Superb dining and shopping facilities are also there within the airport, with an array of outlets to cater every taste and budget. Above all, excellent transportation options are available to and from the Vancouver International Airport, boasting of more than 400 taxi providers. For travelers seeking luxury and comfort, better options are available in the form of limousine services are available. A large number of car rental outlets are also within the airport.

Launched in Hong Kong on 26 October 2006, Oasis Hong Kong Airlines pioneers a fresh approach to flying. We are now flying daily between Hong Kong, London and Vancouver

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