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postheadericon Fight Or Flight-How to Tell If Your Relationship is Worth Saving

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When your relationship with a significant other is on the rocks, you have a decision to make: Fight or flight. It is time to go all in or cut your losses and move on. The fight or flight test can help you determine if making up is in your future.

Before you use this test, be sure and go through the following steps.
1. Admit any mistakes you have made.
Make sure you have let your significant other know that you are sorry for stupid things you have done in the past.
2. Be Quiet.

Once you have admitted your mistake, be sure and listen to what they say back.
3. Listen to what they have to say.
What they say next will determine the fate of your relationship.

The Fight of Flight Test
If the first thing they do is start another fight, it is time to leave. If they are understanding and want to find a solution to the problem, then it is time to fight for the relationship. You should take flight immediately if they try to pick a fight. The reason for this is very simple, but may not be obvious.
If they fight now, they will fight later. I hate to tell you, but if they are fighting now they will want to fight later. Little fights will soon turn into big fights. Cut your losses and move on.

But what if they want the relationship to work? You need to learn how to fight and get them to stay.

Now they have proven that they are worth it. How do you get them to stay?
1. Be Honest
Honesty is and always will be the best policy. It will be a much smoother ride if you are upfront with your partner
2. Show your partner how helpless you would be without them.
Let them know that you cannot go on without them. Remind them what your life was like before they came along and magically changed it.
3. List the benefits of staying together.
Sit down with them and show how beneficial this relationship has been to both of you.
4. Get on knees and beg.
This is a last resort, but sometimes this is what needs to be done.

So you now have the test to see if the current relationship is worth your time. You also have a way to keep your significant other from leaving. Go out, be bold, and save your relationship!

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