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postheadericon Getting The Best Seating And Legroom On Your Next Boeing Flight

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Casual travelers are probably unaware that there are big differences in the comfort and convenience of airplane seating. Of course first class is much nicer than economy class, but the comfort of the seats within the economy class can also vary widely.

Not all seats have the same amount of leg room or the ability to recline, some get drafty or experience more turbulence, and there are advantages and disadvantages to sitting near the front, back, window, and aisle.

There is not one perfect seat for every traveler because everyone has their own preferences. It is important to consider the differences in seats so that you can get one that will give you the most comfortable trip possible.

There are many different passenger jets including Boeing, Airbus, CRJ, and Embraer. A Boeing 747 is one of the more popular commercial jets and one you will probably ride on even if you are a casual traveler. Here are some tips to get the best seat on your next Boeing flight.

Seats toward the front of the economy section have distinct benefits. You will be one of the first people off the plane when you reach your destination and you will be one of the first served which may mean more choices than the people in the back.

Choosing a seat behind the Bulkhead, which is a dividing wall, will give you more legroom. There will be no one in front of you to recline either which means more privacy. However, in seats directly behind the bulkhead tray tables are typically located on the arm rest because there is no seat in front so the arm rests usually will not raise up.

Seats over the wing experience less movement during turbulence than other locations. If you are a nervous flyer choosing these seats may give you a more comfortable ride, especially if you experience bumpy flight. Less movement from turbulence also means you will be able to rest if you are on a long flight.

Choosing an isle seat over a window seat is a personal choice and depends largely on your preferences. If you like to have easy access to the bathroom or like to stretch your legs, an aisle seat will allow you to get up easily but others sitting next to you will have to climb over you to get out. An aisle seat also gives you more elbow room but a window seat gives you something to lean against, as well as a great view.

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