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postheadericon Last minute air flight discounts are easier to come across than you think

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The nature of our society has created insanely busy schedules among us, and one of the fallouts of this change in lifestyle is an increase in booking last minute travel. Unfortunately, for those not in the know, they can pay absurdly huge prices for getting their tickets at the last moment. Fortunately, if you know where to look, you can get some great deals online and avoid the last minute travel "premium" tax.

Many believe these discount deals are no longer an "insider's paradise" and if you know where to go, you can get a great deal for yourself. Many travelers are booking directly with airline carriers themselves and cutting out the middleman so they can negotiate a better price. Other travelers are finding package deals that include discount travel, destination vacation and are combining other services such as hotel or car rental. Many seasoned travelers use specialized services that focus on a single niche of travel, such as all-inclusive deals, cruises or even a single country. These service providers have worked out special deals because they are better able to move inventory that might otherwise sit vacant.

So where can you find such deals online? If you do a search for "last minute airfare" you will see a huge number of results come up. Once site that comes up is called "Booking Buddy" and they are an aggregator airfare search engine that looks at all of the last minute deals that are available from the online booking engines. In addition to airfare, you can also search for vacation packages, cruises, vacation rentals, hotels and car rentals. If you are looking for good bargains, this is a great place to start your search.

Another place that you can check out online if you are looking for travel within North America, are the airlines themselves. You will need to go and look for special deals within their website. If you don't find any listed on their website, don't give up hope. Call them and see what they have available in terms of last minute deals. If you aren't getting a satisfactory interaction with the agent and getting the deal you want, move on to the next airline.

A website called "C Fares" works by gathering last minute air flight data across the different booking engines and comparing the data. This gives you a good idea on which booking engines are going to give you the better deals. In running through an actual search, there was as much as $200 difference on a flight from New York City to Denver. It is worth your while to look beyond the first result you get.

The process of getting last minute air flight discounts is really one of deciding where you want to go and then finding the different search engine flight aggregators to help you simultaneously look up the available flights. If you don't like the deal you see from the first result, keep looking because sometimes there can be a difference of several hundred dollars. To really know how to get the lowest deals with the airlines directly, sometimes you need additional insider information that can get you the steep discounts.

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Article Source: Last minute air flight discounts are easier to come across than you think

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