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postheadericon How To Get Your Flight Upgraded

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As most of us aren't celebrities or mega rich pop stars, the idea of paying thousands of dollars for a first class or business class plane ticket is simply a non-starter.

But what many people don't know is the fact that many airlines will actually upgrade economy ticket passengers to business or even first class absolutely free. You just need to meet the airlines policy guide as to who gets what. Pretty much all airlines have guidelines for this, and if you know what you are doing you can take advantage and get free upgrades worth big bucks.

Here are a few tips for you to try for yourself. This is inside knowledge from staff of the most popular airlines, used by the select few in the know. Now you can be one of them!

1: Appearances count. It stands to reason that you are very unlikely to be upgraded if you turn up at check-in wearing flip-flops, an old pair of shorts and a t-shirt. You need to look the part. Smart casual is fine, business suit and tie is not essential. Decent footwear, smart trousers and shirt, jacket optional (depending on the weather maybe).

I'm not being sexist here by not describing what ladies should wear. I'll credit readers with enough intelligence to work it out. OK then, smart shoes, trousers or skirt, nice top, jacket optional again. I reckon you've got the idea by now.

2: Make sure you arrive at the check-in with plenty of time to spare. Get there nice and early. The personnel will usually know exactly how many travellers are on the flight, and where they are sitting. They will know if there are any seats not being used in business and first class. First come, first served.

3: Be nice, polite, and friendly. Don't go in shouting the odds about how you know there are seats to spare in business and you want one. Check-in staff see hundreds of people, if not thousands, a day. They work long, hard hours and are not paid a fortune. It's a pleasant surprise for many of them if they are greeted pleasantly and treated like human beings.

Read their nametag and use their name, smile, perhaps a little joke. Trust me, this will pay dividends more often than not.

4: It really does help if you are a frequent flyer. Most airlines now have frequent flyer programmes, air-miles etc. Join as many of these programmes as you can. These days it's really easy to do online. You don't actually have to fly that much, just join the programmes. Then you are on the airline's register of frequent flyers, and this will come up on the screen at the check-in.

This doesn't automatically guarantee you an upgrade. However, if there are seats available when you check in you are much more likely to be offered one. The airline business is becoming increasingly competitive, and they like to reward their frequent flyers, and they like to be seen doing it.

5: Finally, remember the old saying "If you don't ask, you don't get." using the tips above, just ask politely at the desk if there are any seats available in business or first. Also if the staff are very busy, and hassled, with little time for niceties then don't ask just then, wait till you get to the boarding gate and try there. You might get a pleasant surprise.

Business and first class is a great way to travel. Enjoy your flight!

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