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Nursing, a career filled with countless professional and personal rewards, provides every opportunity to shape a nurse's career according to his or her wish. It is a branch of health care that has so many options to choose from. From the basic position of being a nurse to being nurse executive, there are a lot of intermediary positions that can be taken up depending on the interests of an individual. Apart from the specialty courses like pediatrics, emergency care, geriatrics, etc, there are a few interesting and alternative options too. Some of them being flight nurse, forensic nurse, military nursing, medical writer, research nurse, travel nurse, supplemental nurse etc.

A nurse having experience in critical care and life support with a good amount of training is eligible for taking up a career of flight nurse. A nurse with a combination of critical care, emergency care and intensive care experience is usually preferred for the role of a flight nurse, as they usually have to work under different situations involving a lot of emergencies. They usually are employed in cases of medical emergencies such as treating the patients while air lifting them from a remote location to a hospital or in cases of disasters such as earthquakes, tornados or car accidents, they discharge their duties of providing specialized care to the victims while transporting them to medical facilities.

Few of the major airlines employ flight nurses to fly along with travelers requiring special medical needs. Before the presence of flight nurses, travel would have been impossible for people with specific medical conditions, thanks to the flight nurses, now they are able to travel. Though their job involves a lot of stress, there is an overwhelming happiness when at the end of the journey they bring a smile and sense of relief to the patient traveling with them.

There are few options in the career of a flight nurse too. An experienced nurse can either choose to be a military nurse or a civilian flight nurse. For joining as a civilian flight nurse, a nurse needs to have the required certifications, lots of hands on training in emergency care, trauma care, critical care, etc. For joining the military nursing, a nurse has to be younger than 47 years of age, have to take up and finish the courses of the air force and have a graduate degree from an approved school of nursing.

A career of flight nurse is not only challenging but also rewarding as well. On an average a flight nurse's salary can be in the range of $60,000 to $75,000. There is a lot of scope to learn and improve while being on the job. An added benefit being, travel to lot of destinations while on duty. This not only gives an opportunity to grow career wise but also one can learn a lot about various places and countries too.

Flight nurse is a challenging and exciting alternative career opportunity in the nursing world.

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