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postheadericon Airport Town Car Service - NOT TO Miss Your Flight

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When hiring an airport limo, the most important factor is making it on time to the airport. There are a few simple tips you need to know how not to miss your flight.

Generally, an airport limo costs not much more than a taxi and is more dependable. But this depends in large part on the company you choose. This cost varies from city to city and depends upon the kind of vehicle you will need and the distance you need to travel.

Shopping by price may seem like the sensible thing to do, as you are simply travelling to the airport and not your wedding day, but it is not. Cheaper never means the better of the lot, and especially with airport limo services. Paying slightly more to a company which charges more but maintains an excellent fleet of vehicles will make sure your vehicle is not broken down before it gets to you or breaks down with you in it halfway to your destination.

Assuming the airport limo service will send a car that will accommodate all the guests is another common mistake. Generally speaking, if you are renting a 10-passenger limousine, the vehicle can accommodate 10-people of average size tightly. 10 Larger people will not be accommodated in the vehicle and you will be left with some of your party waiting at the curb side for a taxi and the time spent sorting out who stays and who goes in the limo will almost certainly make you miss your flight. If your group is celebrating on the way to the airport, ensure that it is legal in your area to do so. Being stopped on the way to the airport and being arrested will most certainly make you miss your flight.

Clarify with the airport limo company when payment is expected. You do not want to be standing on the curb arguing with the limo driver about payment if you were supposed to make payment up front. You also do not want to be running around the airport wanting to make change for the driver if you need to pay upon arrival, so ensure you have the correct amount of money on hand. This time wasted will most certainly mean you miss your flight.

The most important mistake to avoid is not being clear with your instructions and requirement to the airport limo service. Make sure they know and understand the exact time you want the limo to show up, or you might be rushing around trying to find a taxi or alternative transport for you and your party to the airport and will most certainly miss your flight.

Finally, it is important that you make sure you book the arrival of the airport limo at a time that gives you enough room for any eventualities that may occur. Traffic jams, road accidents, and power failures could mean you miss your flight. Airport limo companies know the time it takes to get from most locations to the airport as well as what time rush hour is likely to affect travel time and will advise you on how much time you will need, to make sure you do not miss your flight.

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