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postheadericon Disney World Hotels: You Got a Choice from Fanciful to Affordable

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Whether to stay inside or outside Disney property for your hotel accommodation is one issue that most first time Disney World visitors encounter. Most people would like to know the benefits of staying in hotels inside Disney World Resort. It would be practical to note the differences between these hotels and those located outside Disney World.

Will it have any major effect on the vacation? Are the services and rooms different? How about the hotel rates? When you plan for a vacation these are some things you need to check out before the actual reservation is made. If you are going with a bunch of kids, certain factors must be considered or prioritized.

If you are ready to spend money as in huge, go and book for rooms in hotels inside Disney World. It would definitely be more convenient for the whole family. Staying in there would mean that you will have no problem with transportation as you are free to ride all the busses inside as well as the monorail with no extra charge. You are also entitled to many perks and one of them is to enjoy Disney magical hours.

Disney World would schedule a few hours in day wherein no one can enter the theme parks except for those who are staying in the hotels inside Disney World. There is a separate ID for hotel guests aside from the theme park tickets so you can avail of this benefit.

Staying in a hotel near the theme park would also mean you can easily go back to your hotel room when you need to anytime of the day. You can easily make reservations to any Disney event or restaurant inside as the hotels are interconnected to everything and anything inside Disney World. Just expect the hotel rates to be higher than those located outside Disney property. Although, there are also different hotels inside that you can choose from. There are also affordable hotels rates that you can find in there but not as affordable as those from the outside.

Hotel rates are amazingly cheaper in hotels outside Disney. The options are endless as there are more choices on the type of rooms. The quality of hotel services and amenities would largely depend on your chosen hotel. It would be better if you look for Orlando Good Neighbor Hotels. These hotels are under a Disney program wherein they have undergone a certain hotel test given by Disney management each year.

Disney World knows that hotels inside Disney will not be able to handle all the visitors and they created this program so that people can avail of great service and amenities even if they were not able to make reservations at hotels inside Disney World.

Since they are not inside, one of the perks of these hotels and a requirement from Disney is the free shuttle service going to the theme park. They are also located near the gates of the theme park so that it would not be hard for visitors to go and enjoy the attractions of the theme park.

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Article Source: Disney World Hotels: You Got a Choice from Fanciful to Affordable

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