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postheadericon 6 Unforgettable Luxury Hotels in New York City

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Your stay in New York will surely become one of the most memorable experiences in your life if you book a room in a luxurious hotel such as: Peninsula New York, Algonquin hotel, Le Parker Meridien Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Jumeirah Essex House, and Ritz-Carlton New York.

New York is one of the many places in the world one should never miss visiting. There are several good reasons for that and one of which is the hotel accommodation one can experience. The exceptional pampering and the lavish facilities simply complete your vacation. Here are some of the top luxury hotels you might want to try during your stay:

Peninsula New York

A 23-story building, Peninsula hotel is one of the lavishly adorned establishments in Manhattan. It's like a one-stop hotel since it is fully equipped with indispensable amenities such as ATM, car rental, computer lounge, child care center and the like. This is the ideal place for travelers who want to enjoy vacation and at the same time dconduct business. It has a business center and secretarial services where you can conduct transactions, and a spa, pool, and hut tub are there to relax you at the end of the day.

Algonquin hotel

Located at the center of Manhattan, it is surrounded by various tourist attractions such as Times Square, Rockfeller Center, and the Empire State Building. Its sophisticated design attracts rich and famous guests since the pace is ideal both for business and leisure.

Le Parker Meridien Hotel

If you are dreaming of staying in place where skyline views are visible, this is the best place for you. Clients are pampered with different choices of restaurants where they can indulge in exceptionally sumptuous meals. The space is so wide that it is capable of housing up to 730 elegant rooms and suites. Aside from splendid food, a penthouse, spa, pool, and fitness center comprise a total service.

Four Seasons Hotel

A sophisticated old French style wall gives this 52-story building a dramatic effect. Every part of the hotel has a well-defined look from the spectacular lobby to its impressive bathroom tubs.

Jumeirah Essex House

The exterior facade is a bit archaic, but elegance rules the entire surroundings. Thus, a lot of celebrities and politicians frequent the place because of the classy ambiance.

Ritz-Carlton New York

An overlooking hotel, the Ritz-Carlton is considered the only luxury waterfront hotel in Manhattan. From there you can see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Apart from it, the highly personalized pampering such as spa treatment, concierge, and 24-hour room services are just some of the things guests look forward to every time they check-in.

Whichever hotel you prefer, the secret of satisfaction lies on how you appreciate and savor every moment you spend. Do not base your choice on the cost you will spend per day, instead take into consideration the convenience it may bring.

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Article Source: 6 Unforgettable Luxury Hotels in New York City

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