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The Internet boom over recent decades has created many opportunities and advantages for small businesses, big businesses and everything in between. It is now easier to order products, advertise, reach customers and even recruit staff.

However, not many businesses are aware of the benefits that online corporate travel management companies can have for small companies when it comes to booking business trips. One of the advantages of these companies is that you wouldn't get from a usual shop is that many sites now provide companies with their own private booking site. These booking sites look and work just like the ones customers are used to but include details of the company's travel policy. This makes booking flights and managing accounts easier and more manageable.

One of the biggest advantages of small companies booking their flights through a corporate travel management company is the fact that they will have lower transaction costs. When a business traveller calls a traditional travel agent, they are charged a fee for the booking. However, these fees are a lot lower for online bookings and will save businesses a lot of money over time. Businesses even have the option to have an agent which for an extra free who will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Businesses can save even more money because they will also get lower rates when using an online corporate travel management company. Research has shown that when business travellers are able to see all the air fares, hotel and rental car rates available online, they choose less expensive than when they are talking to a travel agent over the phone. The average saving is thought to be about 20 percent which in the long run will save companies a lot of money.

Using these companies can increase your power to bargain which again will save money. This is because you can get the best deals from hundreds of companies available to you all on one site. This makes it easier to select the flights, hotels and car rental companies that offer a price that you are happy with.

Using an online corporate travel management company means that you have more control over your account and how people are using it. You can assign privileges for different travellers and set your account up so that you will receive reports when employees stray from your travel policy.

It is also a quick and easy way of managing your account as you can easily access details online rather than having to phone up and be on hold. More and more businesses are starting to realise the benefits of booking flights, hotels and hire cars online which means that businesses have plenty of options regarding which company is going to be of the most benefit to them.

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Article Source: Online Booking Benefits Small Companies

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