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Everyone enjoys going on holiday from time to time, whether it is a big family holiday, a romantic break with a loved one, or even an exciting adventure on your own. However, holidays do not come cheap, and when you consider the additional strain that has been put on household finances over recent months as a result of the global credit crunch and increased bills and living costs, it is no surprise that many people think that as much as they might need a holiday they simply cannot afford one.

However, whilst going on holiday can be costly, resulting in many people making the decision to cut back on holidays or not go on holiday at all because of their tight finances, it is important to remember that you can actually get some very good deals on holidays if you know where and when to look. Many people make the mistake of simply booking through a brochure and paying whatever price is asks for, but you can actually slash the cost of your holiday with a few simple steps.

Below are some simple tips that could help you to save money on the cost of your holiday:

Check out the early bird deals: If you are planning to go on holiday next year, perhaps in the summer, then it may be worth looking around for offers now. You could find some very good early bird deals from a range of flight companies and tour operators, which could save you a small fortune on the cost of your holiday overall.

Enjoy last minute deals: If you enjoy an element of surprise, and you are prepared to book your holiday at the last minute, then you could also make some impressive savings. Last minute deals are often available at a really low price, and this means that you can reduce the amount that you pay and enjoy more spending money. You will find last minute deals to all sorts of destinations, so you can choose something that suits your needs.

Book your hotel and flight separately: Whilst you may think that package deals are usually cheaper than booking your hotel and flight separately, which in some instances they can be, this is not always the case. Before you book up your holiday see whether you can get a better deal by booking your own flight and hotel, as this could actually work out cheaper if you get lucky and find a cheap flight or a special hotel deal.

Consider a UK break: Holidays are not always about going abroad, and there are probably loads of places within the UK that you have not been to, would probably enjoy going to, and would not have to pay a fortune to visit. Look at different parts of the UK and see whether you can pick up a bargain in terms of accommodation, and then all you have to do is get yourself there with no expensive flights involved.

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