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postheadericon Booking a Limo for your Prom

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You are looking forward to your school prom. You've spent a fortune on a lovely outfit, hair-style, and found someone to go with. However you have realised that you will need to arrive in style. It is usually a good idea to go with a local company that has been recommended to you. You will also need to check to see if they have the correct type of driving licence. A good idea would be to get recommendations from students from previous years. Check for references.

Limos come in all shapes and sizes. Some have T.Vs, sound systems, soft-drinks cabinets, neon lights. It is useful to look at their website and check with your friends that you are all in agreement about your decision. Remember, you want to arrive like a star, so you need to check if your ride will be comfortable and will be able to accommodate you long flowing dress.

You should make sure that you book your Limo well in advance and ensure that you will have ample time to journey to your school without getting stressed. You may also have the option to go for a ride after the event. It is customary to tip the driver, maybe 15%-20%.

It is important that the journey is a slow one. You will need time to take photos and enjoy the in-Limo entertainment. There should not be too many people in your party, as you will not want to be squashed, or feel uncomfortable on you special evening.

You may wish to practice how you will arrive and exit the vehicle. It would be a good idea to check your hair or make-up just before you arrive at school. Make sure that you have a mirror handy. Too much perfume can be overpowering. It would be best to apply this before you leave.

Be friendly and polite to the driver, remember he or she is providing a memorable experience for you and your friends. Ask their opinion on things as they have seen this type of thing before and may be able to give you some valuable tips.

You might be asked to make a deposit in advance to cover any mishaps that may happen during the night. This generally happens on the way HOME, just keep everything under control and you'll see that money again post-prom. You will have the time of your life so don't forget your camera!

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