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postheadericon Tips on booking Family holidays in 2010

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Its always best to book your All Inclusive Family holiday in advance, this gives an opportunity for you to book the most suitable room available as for the best hotels its a first come first serve situation. Also, hotels with good child facilities do get booked up way in advance. The following tips are a guide in booking the best family holiday

1. Booking in advance - The more advance the booking the better the deal; your holiday is cheaper because you have early booking discounts in place. You get to choose what you want; will you require family suites or two rooms? Will you need a hotel away from the pool area and therefore quieter? Are you looking for a specific hotel only - this is so very important, I have lost count of the people who call me two days before departure in August wanting a specific hotel only and simply not believing that their choice is unavailable!

2. Choosing the right hotel for you - Each resort has its own locally appointed star rating and many do not compare to UK standards, nor can they be compared to each other. Not every, all inclusive hotels are built the same, and some many deals for many hotels that sometimes you can get lost in it all. Choose an experienced travel agent and discuss your needs and then together you can come to a decision about what is right for you, despite the advent of on line bookings it is still no substitute to a travel agent who knows what they are talking about!

3. Families with Teenagers - Recognise that the needs of a family with teenagers are different to the families with younger children. Teenagers rarely want to take part in kids clubs, they just want to avoid their parents and be amongst other teenagers around the pool or the beach, pretending they are on holiday on their own. Taking teenagers to hotels that cater for mainly adults or mainly younger families is often torturous - for the parents who will have to listen to the constant whining of a bored teenager.

4. Families with younger children - Again the needs of a younger family need to be catered for. Mini clubs and baby sitting services are often vital to help the parents have a break too. High chairs round the restaurant are simply overlooked good sized children's pools with shaded areas are also often overlooked, or simply forgotten about. And unless your young are used to blaring music and bright lights most young families will of course rather not have blaring club music booming through the hotel floors from the surrounding area at 2 am - so make sure the actual location is right for you. A prime example is Marmaris on the sea front in May will vary to the same location in August at the height of the season when everything will be going full swing. A few miles from the sea front is not a negative hotel location for a young family but infact its a plus.

5. Room Types - There is always contention with room types, where it is assumed that you will have a particular room type just because you are travelling as a family. This is untrue. The cheaper options will always be offered first, this will be a twin or double room with two extra beds, if you want family rooms then you need to ask, and again there is a common presumption that a family room has two separate rooms, again, this is untrue. If you are specifically wanting a family room with interconnecting doors you need to ask, and these definitely have to be booked in advance to secure them as most hotels have less than 3% of their total rooms that provide interconnecting doors that works out to be an average of nine rooms per hotel that provided interconnecting, so you can imagine how soon these get booked up.

6. Flexibility - When searching for a family holiday it is important to allow some flexibility, asking to travel just on a Saturday day flight can increase your cost by as much as 60%, it can be astronomical. Whereas allowing yourself some flexibility will give you the very best offer, prime examples are Sharm El Sheikh, always cheaper to fly on a Thursday and Rhodes with only two main flights a week always cheaper to travel on the Wednesday instead of the Saturday. Again, an experienced travel agent will discuss this with you and offer suggestions.

7. Half Term - Do book ahead, if you look at Half term holidays they are sometimes busier than the six week summer holidays and often out sell July and August. Needless to say in October parts of Europe are cooler so if you are looking for guaranteed heat, remember you are not the only ones who are searching. After the Christmas and New Year Holidays the next half term is February, in the UK February is in the midst of a bleak winter, however, for most of the Med it is the beginning of spring and whilst temperatures are not scorching hot they are still more pleasant than ours. Again if you and your family are desperate for guaranteed heat you will need to book Egypt and the Canaries even Malta to chase the sun rays, at that time of year, and these destinations are rarely if ever available last minute, the stuff left will always be the holiday you don't necessarily want to go to.

8. Holiday Insurance - The importance of good family insurance is regrettably overlooked, most families are unaware that booking your personal insurance at the same time as your holiday is vital, all the best laid plans can change for a thousand and one reasons, and personal insurance will protect your booking form the moment you book, not just whilst you are away. If you are insured and you do need to cancel your holiday for any reason then you will be covered in full, paying a little extra to cover excess is always a good idea.

9. Infants - Do request cots when booking as they will not automatically be given to you due to the number of people who take their own travel cot.

10. Dietary requirements/or Special Needs' There has been an increase in allergies and food intolerance lately, and many families are affected. It is absolutely vital you mention any special needs you may have at the time you book not after you have made your holiday reservation, your travel agent will re-direct your attention to something suitable for your needs if the hotel you chose is felt to be unsuitable, plus they ensure that the hotel is made aware of any needs you may have, mentioning a concern after you have booked and you find your chosen hotel is unsuitable can create amendment fees which are easily avoided.

Casper da Silva has lived and breathed travel for over 20 years. For cheap All Inclusive holidays and information on Family package Holidays

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