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postheadericon Things To Consider Before Booking A White Water Rafting Trip

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A white water excursion down the Grand Canyon with a Colorado River rafting outfitter doesn't have to be just for the young, rugged adventurers out there. It's an experience for the whole family. However, there are a few things to consider before booking that trip that will ensure your vacation through one of America's most prized and scenic landscapes is both safe and thrilling for everyone on board.

While images of the Grand Canyon and the roaring Colorado River can be a little intimidating, the truth is that rafting through the Grand Canyon is, for the most part, no more dangerous than rafting any other location. There are portions of the river for nearly every background and experience level, and many outfitters take seniors, the disabled, non-swimmers and even children. There are abundant motorized expeditions for those who are physically unable to paddle, or for those who prefer to let a motor do the work while they sit back and enjoy the scenery. Don't let preconceptions keep you from experiencing the uniqueness and vastness of the area firsthand.

If you are interested in white water rafting down the Grand Canyon, a Colorado River expeditions outfitter will provide you with much of the necessary background information and equipment. Make sure to research the various outfitters so you know that they have the experience, as well as safety and first aid training, to ensure a successful trip. When you decide on an outfitter, ask them about the various classes of rapids, day trips and extended trips, and other options that may be right for you and your group. A more diverse or inexperienced group will want to stay in the less intense portions of the river, for example. Most white water rafting outfitters can customize a trip for a large group, such as a family outing, corporate event or other special need. Trips can be as short as one day, but in order to take in the full length of the canyon, you'll need to set aside at least a week to two weeks.

Don't forget to ask about clothing requirements and food. Some trips last longer than others, and you might want to inquire about water and snack accommodations. You will be dressing for the water temperatures, which can vary season to season. However, depending on the temperature, wetsuits are usually available. Wear some synthetic fleece, polypro, capilene or wool clothing. You will be getting very wet, and soaked cotton just holds onto the cold. A pair of tennis shoes is better than flip flops or sandals. Don't worry about bringing your own life vest; the outfitter will provide everyone on board with a coast-guard-approved flotation device.

While recovering in a quiet stretch of the river after shooting a thrilling section of rapids, take a moment to appreciate the millions of years of geologic history written in the canyon walls. Grand Canyon river rafting expeditions can be an intense and memorable adventure for all, and the Colorado River is a unique white water experience. Enjoy the ride.

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