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Booking a Gap Year is a pretty big deal and takes a lot of planning, saving and preparation. It's a bit of a complicated process from figuring out destinations & projects which suit your interests and are the best to get involved with whilst you're away. To get your gap year plans started right here and now take a look below at our top tips.

The following top tips are designed to take you through every step of the process of booking your gap trip, making sure you get everything you possibly want and can get out of your travels worldwide.

And here they are...a drum roll please. Top Tips for booking a Gap Year

Top Tip # 1: Consult a brochure to see where on Earth you would like to visit. Make a note of the places that take your fancy. Take notes of questions you might need to know. Research the country fully and make sure it will suit.

Top Tip # 2: Have a think about what kind of stuff you want to do on your trip - volunteering, paid work, travelling about doing some sightseeing, adrenalin activities or a mixture of the whole lot. Once you know what you want to do, make sure that the opportunities exist in the country of your choice.

Top Tip # 3: When do you want to go, are there any weather/ festival considerations? How long do you want to go for (a whole year or just a bit?) and what's your budget like? Also, are you going to go with someone?

Top Tip # 4: Have a surf about to see the kind of options you have in your chosen destination/s that fit in with the type of activities you would like to do. Research on the internet fully, check out reviews of projects or trips. Get in contact with other travellers and ask for their advice on destinations.

Top Tip # 5: Discuss your plans with an experienced travel advisor - make sure that whoever you speak to has been to the country your are interested in. Ask as many questions as you like and get answers before you make a decision.

Going travelling or taking a gap year is a once in a lifetime opportunity and is not something that you shoud book in a hurry. Taking into consideration the above tips , you'll make sure that the trip your book will be right for you and avoid any problems. are specialists in gap years, career breaks & adventure travel holidays. Experts in providing unique & exciting volunteer projects, working holiday programmes & backpacking packages across the world.

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