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postheadericon Five Essential Tips to Booking a Stag Weekend in Eastern Europe

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When booking your stag weekend in Eastern Europe, you want to make it an occasion to remember: it’s your last moments of freedom and you want to have fun with your mates. Organising a wild weekend of stag nights in Eastern Europe, can be complicated. From choosing your destination, to planning the best places to eat, drink, and take part in action-packed activities. But where do you start? Here are some important tips to help you plan your ultimate stag weekend.

First choosing your destination: preferably somewhere you or anyone in your party hasn’t been before, so you can enjoy a completely new experience. Look for a location that not only has a great nightlife but provides the kind of atmosphere you like: maybe you want a traditional pub atmosphere or you want to explore a range of clubs where you can dance the night away or enjoy a quality striptease or two. Think about the kind of experience you want. For example, Warsaw is an edgy city with a large dose of new, classy establishments where you can drink several types of vodka and take part in an array of activities.

Planning your itinerary is very important, firstly with where you want to stay. It can be difficult finding the right accommodation so it’s best to read up on hotels with good reviews for both service and food. Look for somewhere that is tried and tested and as central as you can get to all the action. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do! For example, Riga (known as the “Paris of the North”) has a range of hotels both in the city and on the waterfront, providing you with stunning views to wake up with and feeling refreshed for the next fun-packed day.

When planning the rest of your weekend its best to get a guide. It should be someone who can show you the best places to eat and drink, where all the hot girls are and alternative things to do if you want to be spontaneous. Ideally your guide needs to be someone who is in the leisure and tourism business, has a very good knowledge of local areas, is enthusiastic and speaks good English. A guide can really help you to make the most of your stag weekend.

Your daytime activity is just as important as what you do at night. Again, it’s more fun to try something that none of your party has done before. Do you fancy trying a sauna party to get off to a relaxing start? Or maybe you want to go for the full adrenaline rush. Bratislava offers activities like off-roading where you can get behind the wheel of a 4x4 and tackle a course of extreme obstacles. Or you could get your hands on some powerful guns, such as a semi-automatic 9mm Luger or semi-automatic Scorpio, at a shooting range.

Nightlife is the most important element of a stag weekend. In Krakow, for example, you can experience the city at night with a guided pub-crawl. The concentration of pubs is so dense there’s literally a pub on every corner! The experience can be a varied one too, from having a pint with the locals at a small traditional pub or hitting a glamorous strip bar; Krakow has the lot.

With such a range of destinations, activities and languages to sift through it can be a long and complicated job. If you want the best advice, and to make your weekend truly unforgettable for all the right reasons, then you can speak to a professional company that has experience in organising stag weekends and can put together a package to suit your needs. They can provide simple things like transport from the airport to the hotel, also to and from your activities. With an established company you don’t need to worry about a thing, allowing you to kick back and relax or go wild.

Josey Walker - The Founder & Managing Director of party organisers Stag Republic and Hen Nation. Stag Republic have been organising made-to-measure stag weekends abroad and hen weekends in Eastern Europe since 2000. More recently popular destinations include stag weekends in Krakow and Budapest. For interviews, images or comments contact: Josey Walker Stag Republic Phone: 00 3630 34 99 015 Email:

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