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Should you use a travel agent, or book it yourself? At one point in time, a travel agent was the only option when you wanted to book a vacation, but today, more travelers are heading online and making their own arrangements.

The major advantage of online booking has to be the savings. Booking your own arrangements saves you the cost of the travel agent?s fee. On top of that, Internet hotel sites offer some great reductions on room prices, and any search engine will land you a great deal travel expenses. However, remember that cheap is as cheap does, which simply means, be careful. When booking your room, check into the customer reviews before you commit. Moreover, double-check the location of your hotel. Be equally as cautious with flight arrangements. Because you?re paying less, you could well be flying into an airport that a long way from the city center, which adds both time and expense.

Customizing your itinerary, rather than taking a package deal through a travel agency, is another advantage of self-booking online. However, travel agents can get anything you can, and they have resources you will never find online. For the most part, agents do not have as much sway with airfares, but they typically have more control with cruises and tours.

If you are booking a simple trip online, it is really quite simple. On the other hand, if you have a complicated itinerary, a travel agent may be your best bet. Usually, the more components added to your travel plans, like hotel, air flights, tour packages, multiple destinations, the more you should consider hiring an agent. Travel agents are experts at booking arrangements, and they can offer first-rate advice. They can also tailor the holiday for you. A good agent knows all the niceties to engineering great deals, too. For example, should you price part of your ticket in a foreign currency? If you book a day earlier, or maybe a week later, could you hit the off-season discount? Maybe changing the itinerary order will net major savings. Also, do not forget all the fine print at those online sites. It is easy to miss. Agents are required to inform you about that.

Travel agents know that to stay in business, they need satisfied customers. Because of that, they go the extra mile. They typically double-check dates, or make sure you have all the needed documents and paperwork for traveling. Not only that, but they will search out the cheapest fares and accommodations, and make sure they meet your expectations.

There is no doubt you can go online and do this yourself, but be prepared to investment a lot of time. Also, in the event that something does go amiss with your bookings or accommodation arrangements, having someone in your corner can make a huge difference.

The bottom line is you need to weigh the pros and cons, and then decide which option works the best for you.

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