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Among the weekend city break tourists, traveling from the UK to mainland Europe has become so popular over the years due to the high speed Eurostar link. It is now possible that you can take the train from London to Paris and arrive at your city weekend break within 2 hours where as it used to take you 7 hours on the ferry crossing to reach Calais and then Paris. The Eurostar train service operates out of London to main destinations in Europe such as Paris, Brussels and Lille with connections to over 100 other destinations.

If you want to get away for a few days, a Eurostar city break is a great way to experience new culture, nightlife and food, in just a few days and without breaking the budget. Take advantage of the Eurostar train from London to Paris and explore the fantastic architecture, enjoy the world's most romantic city, the very cosmopolitan and laid back lifestyle of the Parisians and taste some of the best food from fine dinning to quaint little cafes on every street.

Eurostar city breaks are becoming more and more popular as the credit crunch bites hard and many in the UK are swapping their summer holidays for two or three well planned short breaks.

A weekend break by Eurostar is the perfect opportunity for a quick relaxing break as you can travel to some great cities within just a few hours of boarding the Eurostar train. With Eurostar special offers that you can get online you can enjoy a Eurostar city break, which includes a packaged Eurostar deal of train and hotel.

The most popular weekend breaks by Eurostar are Paris, Bruges and Brussels, but don't forget that the Eurostar service also offers Disney Eurostar packages as you can enjoy a direct service to Disneyland Paris with the Eurostar train.

Eurostar passenger numbers have increased greatly over the past years with many people enjoying a weekend break by Eurostar and also buying more Eurostar tickets on their return as they have enjoyed the experience so much!

The online booking system is much quicker than contacting a travel agent or phoning Eurostar. The best place to make a Eurostar reservation is online as you can enjoy exclusive online discounts. Purchasing your tickets online has never been so easy and with great deals you can take advantage of for your train from London to Paris. So a weekend break by Eurostar offers you loads of options and once you book it is almost certain you will be back again soon!

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