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postheadericon Seven Point Guide to Find Your Perfect Hotel Accomodation

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We analysed recent vacations and came up with a list of keypoints for consideration. We hope that they will help you to have your perfect trip next time you book accomodation.

Bathrooms - are bathrooms en suite? Sometimes they are within the hotel room, and in others you have to walk out of the room to access some of the facilities.
Are baths and showers provided in every room. This differs from hotel to hotel.

Beds - Ever been on holiday with your beloved to find that you have two seperate single beds? Its not ideal for that romantic trip, and usually a request for double bed can be accomodated given notice. If you want to book a family room then often the extra beds are camp beds, so it can be a crucial check point to ensure the comfort of your stay.

Childrens Travel - Is there a cot provided, and if travelling with toddlers are bed guards provided. This is crucial when the baby has started to sleep in bed at home. The last thing you want is a standard single bed for the little person, though its fine for older children.

Access to lifts - Many hotels especially abroad on islands have no lifts and so many steps due to the lie of the land and hotels being built on hillsides. For those with wheelchairs, prams or simply non-athletic travellers this can be a shock on arriving at the hotel. However it something that most people do not usually question at the time of booking.

Wireless Internet - Many hotels now provide wi-fi however many will charge for the service. Sometimes these prices are very expensive. It may be worth checking prices before you book. Of course many hotels now ensure wi-fi to each room at no cost.

Meals - Check to see if any meals are provided and if not is there a restaurant at the hotel. Room service is often not available so if you prefer to eat in your room always check.

Transport - If you have a car check car parking. Even some of the better known UK chain hotels do not have a car park and you will have to stay at the local car park whereby an overnight stay can be almost as much as the room rate. If you are arriving by air, some hotels have that competitive edge by offering a free service to collect hotel patrons from the airport. If you are not travelling by car then maybe check the local public transport. Most reputable hotels with great public transport links actively advertise this fact on their website or collateral.

North London Hotel The Windmill Hotel based in North London offers en suite rooms only GBP34 per night with wi-fi and free parking , free airport collection, restaurant and gastro pub

Article Source: Seven Point Guide to Find Your Perfect Hotel Accomodation

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